Preparing Your Home for Photos

With so many buyers looking for homes online, quality photos are extremely important. After all, first impressions are everything!!
“87% of home buyers in 2015 found photos very useful in their home search.*”
So how can you make sure that your home is ready?

  • DECLUTTER – Don’t give off the impression that there isn’t enough storage. This is so so so important!
  • Keep it Simple
  • All small appliances are off of counter tops
  • Nothing is plugged into counter top outlets
  • No laundry or dishes in sight
  • All toiletries are put away in cabinet
  • Window treatments open, let natural light in
  • No items on top of fridge unless decor
  • Reduce personal photos
  • Depersonalize as much as possible
  • NO CARS or trashcans in driveway
  • Make all beds
  • Turn on all lights
  • Put towels nicely on towel rack
  • Close toilet seats & shower curtains
  • Stand in the doorway of every room, make sure there is no clutter and that you can’t see the monsters, or whatever else you’ve stashed, under your bed
  • Vacuum/sweep/mop

Here are some examples:

Curb appeal! This is the first photo people will see online and the first impression when they drive by. Don’t get so engulfed in the inside of your home that you forget about the outside! This seller did a nice job of making sure the lawn was manicured before photos.

It’s amazing what a couple of colorful towels and a decorative bowl can do to a space!

Simplicity! I love how this seller kept it simple. The less you put out, the easier it is for someone to visualize their own stuff in the space.

First impressions! This seller hit the nail on the head with this welcoming entrance. I instantly smiled and was eager to enter this home!

by: Baylee Munson

*sourced from

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