TEN Facts about Pendleton, Indiana

  • Falls Park was a natural attraction to early settlers.

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  • This small town holds one of the oldest buildings in Madison County, The Grey Goose Inn, which was built in the 1820’s.
  • Did you know, in the 1820’s it was a part ofeach man’s religion to minister to the needs of his neighbors when they are sick or distressed?
  • From 1921-1950 Falls Park was a natural swimming pool, they announced it as the “best swimming location in the state!”Falls Park Swimming Pool
  • Pendleton holds one of two volunteer Advanced Life Support ambulances in all of Indiana.
  • Since 1970, Pendleton Heights High School students have ran a radio station called WEEM 91.7, this radio station has won several awards!
  • The 2010 census states that there are approximately 4,253 people in the town of Pendleton.
  • Huntsville originally held a voting station for the Fall Creek Township.
  • The oldest family owned property in Madison County is located on Huntsville Rd, the William’s Homestead.Image title

“Huge park, small town, it’s a matter of priorities!”

Info courtesy of www.town.pendleton.in.us

Photos 1 & 3 courtesy of Baylee Munson

Photo 2 courtesy of Ball State